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Required Documents

Semester Abroad Programs (15 weeks)

Summer Schools & Short Courses (4 weeks)

Travel Photography & Videography

Please prepare the following documents for upload.

Letter of motivation

Exotic Culinary Arts

Please prepare the following documents for upload.


Training (4 weeks)

200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Please prepare a


for upload.

Requirements for participation


Minimum age of 18 years

(you must be at least 18 years old at the time of application)

High School diploma

or similar qualification at upper secondary level

For the following programs, enrollment at a university in a corresponding subject area or a degree certificate is required

» Southeast Asian Architecture (at least 2 completed semesters)
» Tropical Engineering (at least 2 completed semesters)

No proof of English language skills or an official language test (e.g. TOEFL) is required.

However, all applicants are expected to have a good command of English, to follow lessons and to take exams in English.

You can also participate if

» you study at a university of applied sciences, private university, polytechnic college, evening school, or adult education center.
» you already have a university degree or are about to finish your studies.
» you have already completed an exchange semester or a semester abroad.
» your current university does not have a partnership with the university in Bali. The programs are free mover programs and can be organized autonomously, independent of exchange or cooperation contracts of your own university.
» you would like to register in pairs or as a group.