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IDB Bali

Institut Desain & Bisnis’s creative campus (IDB Bali) blends an academic environment with a family atmosphere. It is one of Indonesia’s most popular creative arts educational institutions.

4 Weeks

In the four-week summer school “Bali Behind the Lens,” you will learn the basics of photography and videography, while exploring the island with your camera, examining varied landscapes and the unique and spiritual culture of Bali.

4 Subjects

Each week of the summer school focuses on one topic, ranging from the basics of camera operation to creation & storytelling, editing processes & techniques, and finally on to the presentation of the final product.

10 Credit Points

With the completion of this program, you can receive up to 10 credit points. All credits are transferable among the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and other Credit Systems such as the US credit system.

Summer School
Travel Photography & Videography

In this 4-week course, participants will learn the fundamentals of photography and videography while exploring one of the most popular island destinations in the world: Bali. With its varied landscape of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides—all of which provide a picturesque backdrop to its colourful, deeply spiritual and unique culture—Bali stakes a serious claim to being paradise on earth.

Through practical exercises, students will experiment with creative composition, camera controls, lighting, and timing. IDB Bali will guide participants to explore the narrative aspect of travel photography and videography. Using storytelling techniques as a tool to communicate experiences and visions, the focus will be on representing places, events, and themes. Students will also gain familiarity with a variety of techniques for correcting or improving images and footage through the use of computer software.

Summer School

How is the course organized?

The 4-week Summer School is composed of

  • Lectures in English
  • Excursions
  • Workshops
  • Project work
  • Social activities
  • Selected cultural events

Who can participate?

The Summer School course “Bali Behind the Lens“ is directed at beginners and intermediates, and is suitable for everyone who is enthusiastic about travelling, photography, and videography.

Students can choose whether they want to deepen their knowledge in the field of photography or videography, or take both courses.

Why Summer School in Bali?

With the “Bali Behind The Lens” Summer School, you will:

  • gain expertise about camera operation and techniques;
  • experience tropical living in Bali firsthand, and learn how to capture these special moments with your camera;
  • earn up to 10 Credit Points;
  • make friends with people from all over the world;
  • gain deep insights into the cultural diversity of Indonesia.

Summer School


02.08.2025 – 30.08.2025

Registration Deadline 15.06.2025

Welcoming Dinner: 02.08.2025

Orientation Day: 04.08.2025

Classes: 04.08.2025 – 28.08.2025

Graduation & Farewell : 30.08.2025

Summer School

change currency

Early BirdBe one of the first applicants and save on the course fee


course fee



  • tuition fee for the 4-week course
  • fees for registration & enrollment
  • lectures and guest lectures conducted in English
  • all excursions & workshops
  • support for the application and preparation process



course fee


  • tuition fee for the 4-week course
  • fees for registration & enrollment
  • lectures and guest lectures conducted in English
  • all excursions & workshops
  • support for the application and preparation process

Early BirdBe one of the first applicants and save on the course fee

$ 1200

course fee



  • tuition fee for the 4-week course
  • fees for registration & enrollment
  • lectures and guest lectures conducted in English
  • all excursions & workshops
  • support for the application and preparation process


$ 1400

course fee


  • tuition fee for the 4-week course
  • fees for registration & enrollment
  • lectures and guest lectures conducted in English
  • all excursions & workshops
  • support for the application and preparation process

Summer School

Opt for an enriching stay at our student villas while attending the Travel Photography & Videography Summer School. These villas provide a unique chance to live and learn in a community setting with fellow students, offering a blend of comfort, culture, and connection right in the heart of Bali. A perfect complement to your educational adventure!

Double Bedrooms

Riverside Retreat

Bali Riverside Retreat in northern Canggu is a newly renovated, welcoming retreat with 13 luxurious bedrooms. Each room features a king-size bed, air conditioning, and an ensuite bathroom, ensuring comfort. Enjoy stunning rice terrace views on three sides of the property, a private pool with a U-shaped sitting corner, and an industrial design lounge area with a fully equipped kitchen. Conveniently located, it offers easy access to local shops, supermarkets, vibrant markets, and is just 14 minutes from Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu Beach, and Pererenan Beach.

The villa is available for you from August 01 to August 31, 2025.

Double Bedrooms
Single Bedrooms

Villa Oasis

Villa Oasis, situated in the peaceful Umalas region, offers 11 rooms (7 doubles, 4 singles) across three buildings, each with access to a central shared pool.

The villa is available for you from August 01 to August 31, 2025.

Travel Photography & Videography

You can download the full course description here

Summer School
Excursions & Workshops

  • Kusamba and Tenganan Concept & Traditional Activity
  • Balinese Performance, Art & Culture
  • Traditional Balinese Architecture & Temple
  • Denpasar Heritage: Museum Bali and Gajah Mada Street
  • Rice Terraces & Volcano view
  • Gua Rang Reng Waterfall & Bali Beaches
  • Market & Traditional Balinese Dishes
  • Traditional Workshop and Ceremony
  • and many more… 

Find more impressions on

Summer School


You can apply online, using our online registration form. Have your CV, letter of motivation as well as a high-resolution picture of yours handy.

Fill in the registration form

Fill in the online registration form and upload all required documents. Within 1-3 working days you will receive an email from us with your registration confirmation.

Confirm Application

Sign the registration confirmation and send it back to us. Your registration is now complete and you will receive all further information regarding study fees, visa, accommodation, etc.

Summer School

IDB Bali

Institut Desain & Bisnis Bali – Campus of ‘Creative Innovation’

Institut Desain & Bisnis Bali, or IDB Bali for short, is located in Denpasar, the capital city of the island of Bali, widely recognised for its beautiful landscape, strong traditional arts and culture, as well as friendly people. IDB Bali focuses on creating a family style academic environment to remain the preferred creative arts educational institution in Indonesia. With the vision of setting industry standards for education and training with the twin mottos of “empowering people to be creative” and “knowledge is our power” IDB Bali has developed a coordinated process for insuring that learning is relevant to the work place. Offering various domestic and international classes, vocational and short courses in design, architecture, interior, landscape, tourism, art culture and others, the Creative Campus seeks to help students to become smart, competitive, creative and tough in order to meet the needs of both local and international industry.

Requirements for Participation

  1. Minimum age of 18 years (you must be at least 18 years old at the time of application)
  2. No proof of English language skills or an official language test (e.g. TOEFL) is required. However, all applicants are expected to have a good command of English, to follow lessons and to take exams in English.

The Summer School course “Bali Behind the Lens“ is directed at beginners and intermediates, and is suitable for everyone who is enthusiastic about traveling, photography, and videography.

Participants can choose whether they want to deepen their knowledge in the field of photography or videography or take both courses.

You can also participate if

  • you don’t have a background in the field of photography or videography
  • you have already completed a summer school program.
  • you would like to register in pairs or as a group.
  • you are a student and your university does not have a partnership with the university in Bali. The programs are free mover programs and can be organized autonomously, independent of exchange or cooperation contracts of your own university.

Registration & Enrolment Procedure

Before registration

  1. Inform yourself extensively on this program page.
  2. Download the Course Description and the Terms of Condition and read them.
  3. If needed: Check with your university whether the summer school is accepted and whether the credits earned abroad can be credited to your degree program. Of course, you can sign a Learning Agreement between your university and IDB Bali.

The application

Fill in the registration form completely and upload the required documents:

    • Letter of motivation
      The letter of motivation should not be longer than one page (DIN A4 format) and describe why you would like to apply for the summer school in Bali (motivation), what your expectations are of the program and what significance the summer school has for your personal and academic development.
    • Photo
      Please upload a high-quality portrait photo of yourself. The photo will also be used for the Student Book and Student ID if your enrollment is successful. You should be easy to recognize and it should not be too dark or pixelated.
    • Curriculum Vitae
      Please upload your most recent CV – if possible, it should not be longer than one page (DIN A4 format). You can find an example here.

Registration confirmation and tuition fees

  1. Within 1-3 working days, you will receive a confirmation of registration by e-mail.
  2. The registration confirmation must be signed and returned to us within the period stated in the e-mail.
  3. Once the signed registration confirmation has been received, you will get the Letter of Acceptance from IDB Bali and a checklist for the planning of the summer school.
  4. If the minimum number of 10 participants has already been reached, you will also receive a payment request for the tuition fees. The tuition fee must be transferred within 30 days. Exceptions can be agreed on individually. If the minimum number of 10 participants has not yet been reached, all registrations will only be collected and the payment request will only be sent after the minimum number of participants has been reached.

Enrolment, visa documents, information on the start of the summer school

  1. Once the tuition fee has been received in full, you will get the Certificate of Enrolment (LoE) and the sponsor Letter/Invitation Letter (LoI) from IDB Bali. You will need these documents to apply for a visa (Visa Sosial Budaya).
  2. About 4 weeks before the program starts you will receive an e-mail with all the information about the Welcome Event & Orientation Day, Time Table, Academic Calendar, Study Guide, and much more…

Structure & Course of the Program

Welcome Dinner

Before the summer school starts officially, we organize a Welcome Dinner for all participants. The dinner will take place in a relaxed atmosphere on the Saturday before the start of the program. Here you will have the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange initial information. Participation is not compulsory. You will receive detailed information about the time and location in the info e-mail, which will be sent about 4 weeks before the beginning of the summer school.

Orientation Day

The Orientation Day will take place on the first Monday in the first week of study at the campus of IDB Bali in Denpasar unless otherwise stated. On Orientation Day you will get all the important information about the study program. You will also get to know your course coordinators. The exact information about time and place for the orientation event can be found in the info e-mail at the beginning of the program.

Lectures, Workshops & Excursions

Each week of the summer school focuses on one of the offered modules. The lectures are all held in English and usually take place on Monday and Tuesday mornings on the IDB Bali campus. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be excursions & workshops – some are compulsory, some are optional. The mandatory excursions & workshops are part of the curriculum and included in the workload of each module.

In total there is a compulsory attendance of at least 80% to receive the full amount of credit points. You will receive the final timetable on Orientation Day, a preliminary schedule is available in the info e-mail which will be sent at the beginning of the summer school.

Final Presentation

The project presentations will take place in the middle of the last week of the Summer School. After the presentations, you will have 1-2 days at your free disposal, since this is where the grades are made and the certificates are issued.

Farewell Dinner & Graduation

The graduation is the last official event of the summer school. In a festive setting, you will receive your certificates. Participation is not compulsory.


At the end of the program, students who satisfactorily complete all course requirements will be awarded certificates as follows:

  • Certificate stating that the student has attended the summer school program.
  • An Academic Transcript showing the student’s performance in the program. The grades in the transcript are the final marks.
  • A Certificate stating that the student has participated in the workshop or certain academic excursions (on request).

Credit Points

All programs are designed to comply with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This system is based on workload, measured in hours and includes lectures, exams, self-study, research, subject-related excursions, etc. The summer school corresponds to 10 ECTS credits. ECTS enables the measurement, comparison, and transfer of academic achievements between universities. If the summer school is completed successfully, the credits achieved can be credited with the help of ECTS. So you can return to your home university without any loss of time or credit points. The ECTS system is transferable to other credit systems such as the US credit system and similar systems.

If you want to have the subjects credited at your home university, we suggest having the course pre-approved by the home institution’s exchange coordinator, academic advisor, or a professor; whoever is in charge of credit transfer and sign a “Learning Agreement”, in order to provide a transparent and efficient preparation of the study period abroad and to ensure that you will receive recognition for the educational components successfully completed abroad.

Course Selection

All modules listed in the program description are offered every year. It is not necessary to register for certain modules before the start of the course. It is up to you to decide which of the offered modules you want to take.

Can I combine modules of different SIB programs?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine modules of different programs since the SIB courses are spread over several universities in Bali.

What happens if I don‘t pass a course?

If you do not pass a course, you will not get a grade or credit points for the module.


According to visa regulations, anyone who wants to study at an Indonesian university is required to have a valid visa. The Visit Visa B211a is the best option for attending the summer school. It is issued to travelers who wish to visit Indonesia for lectures, study programs, internship programs, short courses, meetings, volunteer programs, family visits, and other related social activities.

The visa grants an initial stay of 60 days and requires a sponsor letter, which the university will provide. The visa will then be applied for by a visa agent with the immigration authorities and delivered as an e-visa via email.

With the introduction of the new e-visa system in 2020, there is no longer a need to visit the Indonesian embassy.


The traffic on Bali’s roads is impressive and very different from that found in Western countries. It can seem pretty chaotic in the beginning. Traffic jams are a part of everyday life. The traffic flows according to its own rules. Time, patience, and serenity are important at peak times in this respect. Many students choose to ride a scooter. It´s the fastest and easiest way to get around. They drive on the left side of the road, but one gets used to that relatively quickly.

An international driver’s license is mandatory. You can apply for one in your home country.


During the Summer School, you can live with the other participants in one of the “Student Villas”. The “Villas” are located in Umalas, in the south-west of Bali. There are many cafes and restaurants and it is only a 10 minutes ride by scooter to the beach. To IDB Bali campus it takes about 20-30 minutes – depending on traffic. The room rates are between 330 – 490 euros for the entire 4 weeks. The rooms can be shared, of course.

If you want to find a place to stay by yourself, we recommend the areas around Kerobokan, Umalas, Seminyak or Canggu – for those who like it more quiet we suggest Sanur.

Additional Costs

The tuition fee for the 4-weeks program includes:

» Registration and enrollment
» Lectures at the IDB Bali
» Workshops and Excursions
» Welcoming & Farewell event
» Selected student services

not included in the tuition fee:

» Flights
» Visa Fees & Extension Fees
» Travel Health Insurance
» Transport
» Living costs

» Accommodation can be booked additionally

The cost of living is relatively low in Bali. However, it is difficult to say how much money you will need for the 4 weeks, as it strongly depends on the individual lifestyle.

Here you can find a list of general living costs.