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Universitas Udayana

The tropical environment of Bali, the “Island Paradise,” in addition to the strong international orientation of Udayana University, attracts hundreds of students annually, making Bali a unique place to study abroad.

15 Weeks

The 15-week program combines lectures and guest lectures with weekly excursions, training sessions, workshops, and cultural events. These activities are an integral part of the teaching and learning process.

5 Subjects

5 subjects give an insight into the unique sports and wellbeing culture of Southeast Asia. Explore “Water Sports,” “Sports of the Tropics,” “Physical Health & Fitness,” and “Sports Science & Physiotherapy.”

30 Credit Points

Within the Sports & Physiotherapy program, you can receive up to 30 credit points. All credits are transferable within the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and other credit systems such as the US credit system.

Study Abroad
Sports & Physiotherapy

A morning surf, followed by a lecture on the anatomical basis of the human musculoskeletal system; physiotherapy in the afternoon, and then a game of soccer or yoga on the beach? Study one term of “Sports Science & Physiotherapy” at the Medical Faculty of Udayana University and explore Bali’s unique sports and wellbeing culture. This course is designed as a 1-semester study abroad program that consists of lectures, practical training, workshops, and excursions. All classes are held in English. The program introduces water sports as one of the most important components of the everyday tourist’s life in Bali, and provides insight into the sports of the tropics, health and fitness, and sports science and physiotherapy. Be it surfing, diving, yoga, fitness, or the application of traditional healing methods, theory and practice go hand in hand.


Sports & Physiotherapy

How is the course organized?

The semester is composed of:

  • Lectures in English
  • Practical training
  • Excursions
  • Workshops
  • Language course in “Bahasa Indonesia”
  • Select cultural events

Who can participate?

The program is aimed at international students in the fields of:

  • Sports & Sports Science
  • Fitness & Health Economics
  • Health Management
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine
  • Other relevant subject areas

Master’s degree students are also invited to participate. Although the program was originally developed for students, it is also suitable for graduates and professionals. It is also open to anyone who is interested in the subject but has no academic background in the field.

Why study in Bali?

When you spend a semester abroad in Bali, you will:

  • gain significant knowledge about health and wellness and the sports of the tropics;
  • learn how to surf at one of the best surf spots in the world;
  • explore Bali’s many health and spirituality opportunities;
  • experience Bali’s unique sports and wellbeing culture;
  • earn up to 30 credit points;
  • get to know students from all over the world;
  • gain insight into the cultural diversity of Indonesia.

Sports & Physiotherapy

Summer Class 2025

05.04.2025 – 25.07.2025

Registration deadline 31.12.2024

Welcoming Dinner: 05.04.2025

Orientation Day: 07.04.2025

Classes: 07.04. – 18.07.2025

Semester Break: TBA

Graduation & Farewell : 25.07.2025

Winter Class 2025

30.08.2025 – 19.12.2025

Registration deadline 15.05.2025

Welcoming Dinner: 30.08.2025

Orientation Day: 01.09.2025

Classes: 01.09.2025 – 12.12.2025

Semester Break: TBA

Graduation & Farewell : 19.12.2025 (tentative)

Sports & Physiotherapy

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Early BirdBe one of the first applicants and save on the course fee


course fee




  • tuition fee for the 15-week long semester course
  • lectures and guest lectures conducted in English
  • excursions, workshops, and trainings
  • support for the application and preparation process
  • enrolment and administration



course fee


  • tuition fee for the 15-week long semester course
  • lectures and guest lectures conducted in English
  • excursions, workshops, and trainings
  • support for the application and preparation process
  • enrolment and administration

Early BirdBe one of the first applicants and save on the course fee

$ 2520

course fee




  • tuition fee for the 15-week long semester course
  • lectures and guest lectures conducted in English
  • excursions, workshops, and trainings
  • support for the application and preparation process
  • enrolment and administration


$ 2700

course fee


  • tuition fee for the 15-week long semester course
  • lectures and guest lectures conducted in English
  • excursions, workshops, and trainings
  • support for the application and preparation process
  • enrolment and administration

Sports & Physiotherapy

You can download the course description here

Sports & Physiotherapy
Teaching Team

StudyInBali – Lecturers Sports & Physiotherapy – Sayu Aryantari Putri Thanaya S.Ft., M.Sc.

Sayu Aryantari Putri Thanaya S.Ft., M.Sc.

Program Coordinator
Lecturer Sports of the Tropics
Physical Health and Fitness

I Made Hendra Satria Nugraha, S.Ft

Lecturer Sports Science & Physiotherapy
Physical Health and Fitness

Dr. Ni Wayan Tianing, S.Si, M.Kes

Lecturer Sports Science & Physiotherapy

Putu Ayu Sita Saraswati S,FT

Subject Coordinator:
Sports of the Tropics

Gede Parta Kinandana, S.Ft

Subject Coordinator: Physical Health & Fitness
Lecturer Water Sports

StudyInBali – Lecturers Sports & Physiotherapy – M. Widnyana S.Ft., M.Fis.

M. Widnyana S.Ft., M.Fis.

Subject Coordinator: Sports Science & Physiotherapy
Lecturer Sports of the Tropics

Sports & Physiotherapy
Excursions & Workshops

  • Surfing Lessons
  • Yoga Classes
  • Anti-Gravity Yoga
  • Traditional Balinese Massage Workshop
  • Bali Hidden Canyon
  • River Rafting
  • Physiotherapy Workshop
  • Scuba Diving
  • Traditional Healing Session
  • Surf Motion
  • Hiking Mt Batur
  • Movement Therapy
  • Crossfit
  • Muay Thai
  • Visit Center for Marine Conservation
  • Acro Yoga

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Sports & Physiotherapy


You can apply online, using our online registration form. Have your proof of student status, CV, letter of motivation as well as a high-resolution picture of yours handy.

Fill in the registration form

Fill in the online registration form and upload all required documents. Within 1-3 working days, you will receive an email from us with your registration confirmation.

Confirm Application

Sign the registration confirmation and send it back to us. Your registration is now complete and you will receive all further information regarding study fees, visa, accommodations, etc.

Sports & Physiotherapy

Udayana University


Udayana as a government university is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as the International Association of Universities (IAU). Worldwide partner Universities and international orientation attract hundreds of students annually. The amazing tropical environment in Bali, the excellent network and the international orientation make Udayana Univerity a unique place to study abroad.

The main campus of Udayana is located in Bali’s capital of Denpasar. More than 1,600 lecturers teach at a total of 9 faculties: architecture and engineering, law, medicine, veterinary medicine, economics, agronomy, literature, mathematics, social and political sciences. This made Udayana University one of the top 10 Universities in Indonesia.

Entitled by the Indonesian Ministry of Education, the Udayana University offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

Requirements for Participation

  1. Minimum age of 18 years (you must be at least 18 years old at the time of application)
  2. High School diploma or similar qualification at the upper secondary level
  3. No proof of English language skills or an official language test (e.g. TOEFL) is required. However, all applicants are expected to have a good command of English, to follow lessons and to take exams in English.

All programs are open to bachelor and master students as well as graduates. Although the program was originally developed for students, it is also suitable for graduates and professionals. It is also open to anyone who is interested in the subject but has no academic background in the field.

You can also participate if

  • you study at a university of applied sciences, private university, polytechnic college, evening school, or adult education center.
  • you already have a university degree or are about to finish your studies.
  • you have already completed an exchange semester or a semester abroad.
  • your current university does not have a partnership with the university in Bali. The programs are free mover programs and can be organized autonomously, independent of exchange or cooperation contracts of your own university.
  • you would like to register in pairs or as a group.

Registration and Enrolment Procedure

Before Registration

Prior to registering for our program, please follow these steps:

  1. Thoroughly Explore the Program Page:
    Take the time to familiarize yourself with the details provided on our program page.
  2. Download and Review Course Description and Terms of Conditions:
    Download and carefully read our Course Description and the Terms of Condition to understand the program’s requirements and expectations.
  3. Check with Your University for Credit Transfer:
    If necessary, consult your university to confirm if they accept semesters abroad as free movers and whether the credits earned during your time abroad can be applied to your degree program. You can also discuss the possibility of signing a Learning Agreement between your university and Universitas Udayana.

The Application Process

When applying, please complete the following steps and submit the required documents:

  1. Letter of Motivation:
    Your letter of motivation should be concise, not exceeding one page (DIN A4 format). Describe your motivation for applying for a semester abroad in Bali, your expectations for the program, and how this experience will contribute to your personal and academic development.
  2. Certificate of Enrollment:
    Submit an official document from your university confirming your current enrollment as a student. Graduates can provide proof of their degree, such as a bachelor’s or master’s diploma. If you are not a student or graduate or if you are currently not enrolled as a student, or if you come from another field of study or have any other background – but would still like to participate in one of the programs – you can give a short statement explaining your situation in the registration form.
  3. Photo:
    Upload a high-quality portrait photo of yourself. This photo will also be used for your Student Book and Student ID if your enrollment is successful. Ensure that your photo is clear and well-lit, without excessive darkness or pixelation.
  4. Curriculum Vitae (CV):
    Provide your most recent CV, ideally not exceeding one page (DIN A4 format). You can find an example here.

Registration Confirmation and Tuition Fees

Upon completing your registration, you will receive a confirmation email within 1-3 working days. Please sign and return the registration confirmation using our digital signature system.

Once we receive the signed registration confirmation, you will receive a checklist for planning your semester and a list of enrollment documents required for the university.

If we have reached the minimum requirement of 10 participants, you will also receive a payment request for the course fees. The course fee consists of an Enrollment Fee and a Tuition Fee. The Enrollment Fee, a one-time charge confirming your enrollment, is due within 30 days of receiving the invoice. The Tuition Fee must be paid at least 8 weeks before the program start date.

If the minimum participant requirement has not been met, we will collect all registrations and send payment requests once the minimum number is reached.

Enrollment, Visa Documents, and Semester Start

Upon receipt of your full tuition fee and enrollment documents, we will apply for the Letter of Acceptance (LoA) and the Sponsor Letter/Invitation Letter (LoI) at Universitas Udayana. These documents are essential for your visa application.

Approximately 4 weeks before the semester begins, you will receive an email containing details about the Welcome Event & Orientation Day, the Time Table, Academic Calendar, Study Guide, and more.

Structure and Course of the program

The 15-week programs at Universitas Udayana are designed exclusively as semesters abroad for international students. All courses are held in English. As this is an international program, the curriculum and academic calendar are independent of the local Bachelor‘s and Master‘s programs.

The course duration is 15 weeks, divided into 11 weeks of effective course, 2 weeks semester break, 1 week final exam, and 1 week revision.

  • Welcome Dinner
    Before the semester starts officially, we organize a Welcome Dinner for all participants of StudyInBali. The dinner will take place in a relaxed atmosphere on the Saturday before the start of the semester. Here you will have the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange initial information. Participation is not compulsory.
  • Orientation Day
    The Orientation Day will take place on the first Monday in the first week of study at the Sudirman campus in Denpasar, unless otherwise stated. On Orientation Day you will get all the important information about the study program and living on Bali. You will also get to know your course coordinators and sign up for the courses you want to take.
  • Lectures & Excursions
    The lectures usually take place from Monday through Wednesday mornings, Thursdays are days for excursions & workshops. Excursions & workshops are part of the curriculum and included in the workload of each module.
  • Semester Break
    During the 15-week program, there is a two-week semester break where no lectures, excursions, or other events are held. The semester break usually takes place in weeks 8 & 9. Detailed information comes at the beginning of the semester.
  • Final Examinations
    During the week of the final exams, the performance of all modules will be assessed in writing, orally, or in the form of a submission. You will receive the results at the latest at the graduation.
  • Graduation
    Graduation is the last official event at Universitas Udayana. It usually takes place 1.5 weeks after the final exams. Here you will receive your certificates.


At the end of the program, students who satisfactorily complete all course requirements will be awarded certificates as follows:

  • A Certificate stating that the student has attended the program.
  • An Academic Transcript showing the student’s performance in the program. The grades in the transcript are the final marks.
  • A Certificate stating that the student has participated in workshops and academic excursions (on request).

Credit Points

All programs are designed to comply with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This system is based on workload, measured in hours and includes lectures, exams, self-study, research, subject-related excursions, etc. One semester corresponds to 30 ECTS credits. ECTS enables the measurement, comparison, and transfer of academic achievements between universities. If the semester is completed successfully, the credits achieved can be credited with the help of ECTS. So you can return to your home university without any loss of time or credit points. The ECTS system is transferable to other credit systems such as the US credit system and similar systems.

If you want to have the subjects credited at your home university, we suggest having the course pre-approved by the home institution’s exchange coordinator, academic advisor, or a professor; whoever is in charge of credit transfer and sign a “Learning Agreement”, in order to provide a transparent and efficient preparation of the study period abroad and to ensure that you will receive recognition for the educational components successfully completed abroad.

Course Selection

All modules listed in the program description are offered every semester. In accordance with a recent update from the Faculty of Medicine, starting from the current academic year, all students enrolled in the international program are required to complete all modules listed in the program description in order to receive a certificate.

Can I combine modules of different programs?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine modules of different programs, because the lectures of all programs run parallel. In particular, there would be overlaps in the timetable of excursions and workshops which are adapted to the modules.


Visa Options for International Students

Indonesia offers various types of visas for different purposes. However, for international students planning to enroll at Universitas Udayana, the Visit Visa B211A stands as the recommended choice. It’s crucial to understand that this visa is one of only two types designated for educational purposes. Please note that studying in Indonesia on a Visa on Arrival, or any other non-study-specific visa, is not permitted.

The Role of Local Sponsors in Your eVisa Application

A key part of the eVisa application process involves securing a local sponsor. For those choosing to study at Universitas Udayana, the university itself will serve as your local sponsor. Moreover, the entire application procedure will be coordinated and managed by Universitas Udayana’s Visa Agency, simplifying the process for you.

The Integrated Visa Application and Enrollment Process

The visa application process is closely tied to your enrollment at Universitas Udayana. Once you have successfully submitted all the required documents for registration and enrollment, the university will generate both a Letter of Acceptance and a Sponsor Letter for you. These documents are immediately forwarded to the designated Visa Agency. You don’t need to initiate the visa application independently; the Visa Agency will proactively contact you following successful registration and enrollment. All further formalities, including payment procedures and other related matters, will be coordinated directly between you and the Visa Agency, making the entire process streamlined and hassle-free.

Here’s a summary of the information you need to know about the B211A visa:

  • Type of Visa: Visit Stay Index of Visa: B211A
  • Purpose of Visit: Training and Short Course
  • Validity of Visa: 90 days from the date of issue (number of days you have to enter the country after visa has been issued)
  • Stay: 60 days (from arrival date)
  • Extendable: 2 times (each extension is for 60 days)
  • Total Stay: 180 days, including 2 extensions
  • Entry Permit: Single Entry (cannot be used after leaving the country)
  • Sponsorship: By University, UNUD
  • Price (as of October 2023,tentantive): IDR 6,000,000 (≈ $ 400) for 120) days; IDR 8,800,000 for 180 days


The traffic on Bali’s roads is impressive and very different to that found in Western countries. It can seem pretty chaotic in the beginning. Traffic jams are a part of everyday life. The traffic flows according to its own rules. Time, patience, and serenity are important at peak times in this respect. Many students choose to ride a scooter. It´s the fastest and easiest way to get around. They drive on the left side of the road, but one gets used to that relatively quickly.

An international driver’s license is mandatory. You can apply for one in your home country.


Accommodation is an important aspect to consider when planning your trip to Bali. To ensure a stress-free experience, we recommend making upfront reservations for accommodations with flexible cancellation policies and low non-refundable deposits.

Many of our participants prefer to stay together in groups and book a house or villa with a pool. To find roommates and exchange ideas, we encourage you to join our Facebook group.

When it comes to booking accommodation, it’s a matter of personal preference. Booking in advance can be a good option for those who want to have everything arranged before arriving in Bali. However, it’s also possible to search for accommodation on-site, which allows you to choose the best option for you and potentially save on agent fees. Keep in mind that on-site searches can be time-consuming and should be done at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Our campus is located in Denpasar, and we recommend staying in Kerobokan, Umalas, Petitenget, Seminyak or Canggu on the southwest coast. These areas are about 25-30 minutes away from the university and offer a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Canggu is currently experiencing high levels of traffic, particularly during peak hours, which may result in an extended commute time to the university.We advise against staying in Denpasar itself or in Kuta or Bukit (South Bali).

Additional Costs

The tuition fee for the 15-weeks program includes:

» Registration and enrollment
» Lectures at the Udayana University
» Workshops and Excursions

not included in the tuition fee:

» Flight and accommodation
» Visa Fees & Extension Fees
» Travel Health Insurance
» Transport
» Living costs

The cost of living is relatively low in Bali. However, it is difficult to say how much money you will need for the 15 weeks, as it strongly depends on the individual lifestyle.

Here you can find a list of general living costs.